social science community

A social science community, well networked in the region and beyond, that conducts high quality research based on a common agenda, and communicates well within the community and beyond.

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Systemic linkages

Systemic linkages have developed through which social sciences provide evidence-based knowledge to political decision-making and public debate, and contribute to transparent political decision-making.

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favourable frame conditions

State institutions provide favourable frame conditions (policy framework and finance mechanisms) for well-performing social sciences and research sector.

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The overarching goal of PERFORM is a strong, confident and publicly positioned social science research community that meaningfully contributes to socio-economic and political reform processes.

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For its National Coordination Unit in Albania, PERFORM is seeking a Programme Officer (full-time position)

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Call for Applications - European Social Innovation Competition 2017 in Athens

PERFORM offers to sponsor two teams to participate in the launch of 2017 European Social Innovation Competition in Athens on 28 February 2017, with a view of actually competing for the award by submitting a proposal by mid-2017. 

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Participation of Junior Scientists at the Second Joint Science Conference

Junior scientists in Western Balkan Countries (WBC) have limited space and freedom to conduct quality research at universities and institutes in WBC. Research in general is not valued enough as a contribution towards solving critical issues and problems of society, economy and politics.

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Socio-Economic Study for MUD

In 2015, the Ministry of Urban Development (MUD) initiated the process of preparing new Local Development Plans - strategic documents outlining the vision and actions for the development of territorial units.

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