social science community

A social science community, well networked in the region and beyond, that conducts high quality research based on a common agenda, and communicates well within the community and beyond.

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Systemic linkages

Systemic linkages have developed through which social sciences provide evidence-based knowledge to political decision-making and public debate, and contribute to transparent political decision-making.

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favourable frame conditions

State institutions provide favourable frame conditions (policy framework and finance mechanisms) for well-performing social sciences and research sector.

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The overarching goal of PERFORM is a strong, confident and publicly positioned social science research community that meaningfully contributes to socio-economic and political reform processes.

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Can Female Scientists Reconcile their Family and Professional Lives?

Female scientists believe that they lack the resources and the power to influence change in higher education, and that their careers are distinguished by the lack of clear professional goals and the hopelessness arising from the precarious work and social milieu in which their scientific work takes place. 

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Accession of Serbia to European Social Survey

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Serbia is not participating in the comparative research projects that are conducted on the European or regional level. This is excluding Serbian researchers from using comparative data and providing high quality outputs.  European Social Survey (ESS) is methodologically and theoretically the most comprehensive international comparative research in the field of social science that is being conducted under auspices of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).   

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Collaborative Online and Offline Research Platform

Public funding for research in Albanian Universities is virtually inexistent. The Ministry of Education and Sports has been paying into European Research Funds and is keen to see Albanian research groups to win more research funding from these sources. However, the participation of Albanian research groups in Calls for Proposals has been low. Less research money flows from Brussels to Albanian researchers than the Albanian Government has contributed to them.

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