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Albania - Main intervention lines

PERFORM has identified three main lines of intervention in Albania for 2016.

Main intervention line 1: Enhance networking and collaboration within the social science community with the aim to improve quality, knowledge sharing, and access to funding.

This intervention line is supported by the following cluster of opportunities:

  • Increased international cooperation and networking of Albanian SSR with research institutions in the EU.
  • Proactive actors (experienced and junior) from the SSR want to work towards better networking and higher research quality.

PERFORM will support interventions that:

  • Explore opportunities related to the establishment of structures and procedures that support the creation, and sustainable development, of SSR networks, and other collaboration platforms, which foster knowledge sharing, a strengthened voice and apprehension of opportunities, for social science research to contribute to reform processes.

Main intervention line 2: Pilots for setting up dialogue and interaction between social science and the policy arena, civil society and the media

This intervention line is supported by the following cluster of opportunities:

  • Decision-makers in the policy arena are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of evidence-based policy making.
  • Reform processes happening in Albania at the central and local level, which require evidence that SSR can deliver.
  • EU integration process and harmonisation of policy making routines with the EU, as the upcoming EU budgetary support that will be granted to certain sectors.
  • Synergies with Swiss Cooperation Strategy for Albania 2014-2017 and other development programmes.

PERFORM will support interventions that:

  • Pilot systemic linkages between social science research and decision/policy makers at the central and local level. The main objective is to improve the collaboration between social science research institutions and policy making by supporting: (i) better channels of communication; and (ii) creation of procedures and structures that allow for an informed policy-making.
  • Explore opportunities for better linkages between social science research and civil society organisations and identify innovative and context-adapted instruments.

Main intervention line 3: Improve framework conditions for social science research

This intervention line is supported by the following cluster of opportunities:

  • New Law on Higher Education has been passed by the Parliament and is in force.
  • Bylaws in support of the new Law need to be drafted.

PERFORM will support interventions that:

  • Support the creation of the complementary legal framework for social sciences that will be conducive and in support for research.
  • Support the design and operationalisation of new public agencies and enhance their effectiveness and efficiency.

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