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Gender Based Violence Lectures

On March 12th, Centre for Women Studies organised a lecture “Socio-Economic Context and Issues of Gender Based Violence”, the first in a series of lectures on “Gender Based Violence as a Societal Problem” that will be held at the Kolarac Endowment on three Mondays in March. 


The lectures are accompanying the academic course on Gender Based Violence (GBV) piloted by the Centre for Women Studies and supported by PERFORM, that will be taught at the Faculty of Political Sciences in the spring semester 2018. 

Although gender-based violence implies different and multiple forms of violence based on gender identity or expression, these public lectures will focus primarily on issues related to violence against women in the context of contemporary social, economic, political and cultural processes and changes. 

In what way is the physical security of women and their freedom (from violence) linked to economic conditions at home, in the community and in the transnational framework? Can we talk about structural violence and gender-based violence in the context of unemployment, seasonal work and new working practices? What insights on these issues provides ethnographic research on the experiences of different categories of women in different local environments? These are some of the questions that today’s lecture tried to answer.

Join us at the next two lectures in Kolarac Endowment:
•    March 19th at 18.00h: Socio-Economic Context and the Issue of Gender Based Violence
•    March 26th at 18.00h: Manifestations and Characteristics of Violence Against Women and Legal Protection from Domestic Violence