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PERFORM Signs MoU with Tirana Municipality

Through an agrement signed today, the Municipality of Tirana will work together with PERFORM to conduct research in several important fields.

Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj signed today an agreement that will make possible to conduct social science research and provide evidence and expertise for selected topics which require new policies and deci-sions. 

“Until now we were used to playing it ‘by ear’, and this is OK when it comes to beginnings and to dealing with urgent issues. But from now on we must work based on evidence, in order to make good decisions, based on research and data”, said Mayor Veliaj. 

“Good decisions on the part of government are almost always based on evidence. Albania has no time to waste when it comes to utilizing research for good political decision-making. This will be a great example of how social science can help authorities improve their decision-making”, said Swiss Ambassador Christoph Graf.  

The Municipality will identify a number of topics/fields for which professional research is needed and PERFORM will delegate the research work to young academics and experts. Researchers will undergo training in order to orient their work towards recommendations for policies and decisions. At the final stage of the cooperation, the Municipality will have a solid body of research and recommendations to de-velop its policies and decision-making. 

This new intervention aims at improving policy-making by making available research capacities with an emphasis on social sciences, connecting the research community with the decision makers. Through the proposals developed by young researchers, the Municipality will be able to decide future measures and implement activities to address social issues. 

“This programme will consist of practical work on tangible policy projects by young social scientists, with the municipality. The research work will benefit course participants but also the municipality, providing experience in bringing in and using research evidence in policy making. The selected policy research projects are real cases. The project will provide coaching for the benefits of young researchers and for ensuring high quality outputs, and support of staff of the municipality that they can use the evidence in the policy cycle. The collaboration will provide at least part of a foundation for establishing this practice within the municipality and in future also other municipalities”, said Dr Martin Dietz, Manager of PERFORM.