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New Methodology for Solving Urban Issues

What new methods are being developed to explore the changing realities of contemporary cities and urban life, and how are established methods being updated and transformed?

The concept of cities methodologies, developed by renowned urban anthropologist Prof. Ger Duijzings from the University of Regensburg in Germany, looks at innovative urban research methodologies to think and act collaboratively across disciplines and sectors: activists alongside academics, artists alongside social scientists.

PERFORM supported the Urban Anthropology Lab, part of the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Art Studies of the Albanian Academy of Albanology Studies, to host a visit of Prof. Duijzings to Tirana.

During his visit, Prof. Duijzings held an open lecture on the concept of engaged urbanism and cities methodologies, introducing the Albanian academics and professionals to the basic principles of this method and his experiences in the field. 

Engaged Urbanism offers evidence of the efficacy of methodological invention and demonstrates the possibilities researchers, activists, service providers, and policymakers everywhere have available to deepen their understandings of urban life and to work creatively with what is available to them.

In a three-day workshop that took place in situ, in different locations of Tirana, researchers from the Lab and a core group of selected students had an opportunity to engage with urban issues in the field. The purpose of these workshops was to engage with the concept of cities methodologies in practice in order for the researchers and the students to have a better understanding of such an approach.

Both students and Lab researchers will continue to undertake independent fieldwork in urban issues and adapt the cities methodology to their research needs and contexts.

PERFORM is supporting this project of the Urban Anthropology Lab in all of its facets hoping to inspire a culture of reflection and community engagement in urban issues of a social dimension.