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PERFORM Team Participates in the Social Inclusion Hackathon

On May 23, 2016 PERFORM’s Deputy Manager Nenad Celarevic and Communications Officer Marjeta Pevec participated as judges at the Social Inclusion Hackathon organised by the Balkan Initiative for Tolerance with the support of the EU Erasmus+ Programme.

The hackathon was a presentation of digital solutions for social inclusion of vulnerable and marginalised groups, and are a product of a 7-day training programme on hackathon and new digital solutions which is part of a yearlong ongoing project called 3M: Multimedia Multipliers from Margins. 

Young programmers and designers, social and youth workers and activists from 12 countries took part in the training and had an opportunity to present their digital solutions on May 23rd at the Student Cultural Centre in New Belgrade in front of the judges consisting of the representatives of the NGO and IT sector. Six teams pitched their innovative solutions and received useful feedback from the judges on the technical aspects of their solutions, as well as their sustainability and usefulness to the NGO sector. 

“It was a pleasure to be part of this hackathon and see how young people perceive problems of the vulnerable and marginalised groups and hear their innovative solutions on how to overcome them. Hackathons such as these are an ideal way to empower and engage young minds to become future agents of change. They not only raise awareness on challenges of social inclusion, but are more importantly creating opportunities for people with different skill sets to come together and find community-driven solutions. Technology has revolutionised our society and changed the way we do business, learn and interact with each other. Digital solutions for social inclusion support user engagement, allow for the personalisation of the tools and are cost-effective. It is time to see how these benefits can change lives and we hope that some of the very promising solutions that were pitched here today will get a chance to be fully realised” – said Marjeta Pevec, PERFORM’s Communication Officer