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Research Results on Market Analyses of Aftersales Services

On 4 October 2016, the second working group meeting was held at the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) where research results on Market Analysis of Aftersales Service (Aftermarkets) were presented.

Commission for Protection of Competition is one of the four state institutions participating in pilot projects of PERFORM and Public Policy Secretariat, and the Institute for Economic Sciences (IEN) in Belgrade was selected as the leading institution to conduct a research on Aftermarkets.
Jelena Grahovac, Senior Consultant at CPC, pointed out that the results of the study will be used for multiple purposes. First of all, the study approved and accepted by CPC will be available to the wider public on their webpage. The Commission is obliged to publish the version of the report which does not contain confidential information on its website and will invite market actors as well as government institutions to provide their comments on the report. It will also be an opportunity to inform government institutions identified as responsible for certain issues in the study (Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, and Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure) of certain findings detected by the sector analysis, which cannot be remedied in a competition proceeding.
Secondly, based on research findings, the new regulation will be prepared, which should serve to create a new regulatory framework in line with EU standards. It will take into account all characteristics identified in this market, so the new regulation will not be purely translated EU regulation.  
Until now, the study was primarily the responsibility of the Department for Economic Analyses within CPC, but now the results could also be used by the Department for Infringement of Competition to conduct a deeper analysis of issues identified in the observed markets.  In case the Aftermarkets study detected some restriction or violation of the Competition Law, the necessary actions will be taken: either an investigation of violation identified, or advocacy for reinstating competition.  
All partners praised the high quality of collaboration during the process of research, and CPC expressed their satisfaction with the produced study and the findings, that fully responded to the needs of the Commission defined in research Terms of Reference.
PERFORM Programme Officer Svetlana Kijevcanin announced a conference that will be held in early December where the operational model of all pilot projects will be presented together with the results of all four research studies. 

You can view and download the study here