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Join us at the Conference: Social Sciences and Political Institutions

Join us on October 20-21, 2017 at the Conference “Social Sciences and Political Institutions: Challenging the boundaries of (non)cooperation" in discussing important concepts, different stances of scientists toward evidence informed policymaking, how social science feeds into political institutions and policies, and what happens with social science knowledge in the political system.

Social sciences and humanities have a potential to make meaningful contributions to the reform processes in the society. Ideally, scientists provide decision-makers with facts, scientific analyses and policy options and politicians carefully evaluate their input. In reality, there are tensions between science and politics, because their goals, rationales, processes and time horizons are dissimilar. 
Politics is the art of decision making and implementing political ideas. Actions of politicians are influenced by a limited timeframe, election cycles, shifting power relationships or permanent public scrutiny. Science, on the other hand, uses logic, critical reasoning, a variety of empirical methods and, quite often, has more time at its disposal to find sound descriptions of reality.
The conference is jointly organised by PERFORM, University of Fribourg, Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade, and the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory.

Please see full conference agenda here.