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Study Tour to the Netherlands on EBPM

As a part of capacity building component of the PERFORM intervention implemented in cooperation with the Public Policy Secretariat (PPS), a study visit was organised May 17-20 in the Netherlands for members of the Serbian and Albanian governments, involved in PERFORM pilot project.

The Serbian delegation consisted of representatives of the Public Policy Secretariat, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Culture and Information, members of the Commission of Protection of Competition; while the Albanian delegation had the representatives of the Strategic Planning Unit, Research and Policy Incubation Unit, and Delivery Unit. 
The goal of the study tour was to expose the participants to European best practices in evidence-based policy making and in connecting decision and policy makers with research community in evidence-based policy making process. The Netherlands was chosen for this visit as the country that has a highly developed system in place in regards to evidence-based policy making.  

The following research institutions within the Dutch Government were visited in the Hague: Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), Social and Cultural Planbureau (SCP), Central Planning Bureau (CPB), and WRR-Scientific Council for Government Policy.  The last day was spent at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam at the Public Administration department. In addition, both delegations had a chance to visit their respective country embassies in the Hague. 

Participants in this study tour had an opportunity to learn about cooperation between researchers and policy makers in the Netherlands, and to see if that experience could be potentially applicable in Serbian and Albanian context. To quote Ms Oriana Arapi from the Albanian Department of Development, Financing and Foreign Aid within the Prime Minister’s Office:
It has been an impressive and very well organised programme, which gave us the opportunity to learn from this best case. The Dutch model inspires us to contribute in developing such mechanisms in our countries. The study tour was an excellent opportunity to have an exchange with the colleagues from the Serbian Government, regarding professional experiences as well as creating a personal connection.